Penguin 8 : Pengwin Wyth

 " Awesomely simple, simply awesome"


This is 8kW of warm, glowing, chilli-hot, heat. The generous clear glass window offers you a huge uninterrupted view of the fire and it has the added benefit of taking large logs. Sleek in black, delicious in almond, sublime in charcoal.

The Penguin 8 has an 8kW output with a large glass window. It uses the Chilli Penguin clean burn and air wash system, giving a lovely clear view of the fire and high efficiencies. Like all our domestic stoves the Penguin 8 is very controllable.

Penguin 8 in Penguin Black 


Penguin 8 Stove £1399
Penguin 8 Plinth £235


All Prices shown are RRP and include VAT      

All stoves now come with a SMOKE CONTROL kit

which can be fitted if required.

Colour options are available.

The Plans 

penguin 8 plans_edited.png

Technical Specifications

penguin 8 tech_edited.png