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Hungry Penguin Eco in Seal Grey 

      Hungry Penguin Eco (multifuel) :     

Pengwin Llwglyd Eco (amldanwydd)

"The original Chilli Penguin,

the one that started the company"


This stove does it all, it keeps you warm, cooks your dinner, boils your kettle and if you’ve got a boiler model it will heat your water for you as well.


It’s ideal for canal boats, studios and homes where you don’t want to be dependant on mains gas and electricity.

The Plans 


Hungry Penguin Eco Stove £1628
Hungry Penguin Eco Plinth £240


All Prices shown are RRP and include VAT      

All eco stoves have a factory fitted smoke control kit.

Colour options are available.

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New Technical Specifications