The High & Mighty Penguin Eco (mulitfuel) :  Pengwin Bonheddig Eco (amldanwydd)

"Head and shoulders above the rest"


High and mighty.jpg

High & Mighty Eco in Storm Blue

This stove perhaps does have its nose in the air, just a touch. It feels a little superior with its elevated height, oven box, generous top plate, convection panel sides and integral log plinth. It feels it offers everything : stature, personality, function and more than a little charm.

This stove began life as a Fat Penguin but then it kept on growing. In order to accommodate the log plinth the side convection panels had to be extended. When we saw it’s new body, it seemed to take on a personality all of its own so we decided to give it its own name. This is a high functioning stove...and it knows it.

The Plans 


High & Mighty Stove £1828


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Colour options are available.

Technical Specifications