The Eighty Ate "88" : Pengwin Wyth Deg Wyth "88

"The Big Boy with a Big Boy oven"


This penguin is the love child of the Penguin 8 and the Hungry Penguin.

What doesn’t it have? It gives you heat, it gives you food, it gives you hot drinks, it has somewhere to store your logs and it’s got a glorious big window to watch your fire burning. When the world disappoints you, it will be waiting for you at home. This penguin will work for it’s living: it can multi task, it’s strong, it’s hot, it’s got muscle and it cooks. If you love this penguin it will love you back.

The “88” is an 8kW stove with an oven box on the top and an integral plinth underneath. There are convection panels on both sides. There is an optional stainless steel top plate. There is a model available without the plinth: the “88 Shorty”.

The Eighty Ate "88" in Seal Grey 


Penguin 88 Stove £2150
Penguin 88 without plinth £2050


All Prices shown are RRP and include VAT      

All stoves now come with a SMOKE CONTROL kit

which can be fitted if required.

Colour options are available.

The Plans 

88 plans_edited.png

Technical Specifications

88 tech_edited.png