Chilli Billie in Penguin Black in an enclosure 

The Chilli Billie : Stof fach gyda chalon fawr

"The little stove with a big heart"


This is baby of the penguin family in no hurry to grow up, likes chilling out… warming up… drying off and frying up. Found hanging out in small spaces like camping pods, yurts, beach huts, shepherds huts, sheds and studios.

The Chilli Billie is top loading with a round glass window to see the fire through. You can boil a kettle on the top surface of the stove. The kW output is between 2.5-3kW. There is an optional detachable side shelf which is useful for putting your kettle or pans on when not boiling.

There is a separate loading door for the ash pan and a small lighting hole. There is a heat shield enclosure available for the chilli billie called the penguin enclosure.

The Plans 

chilli b plans_edited.png


Chilli Billie Stove £799
Side Shelf £35

Chilli Billie and enclosure package £1249(inc. side shelf)

Chilli Billie and square corner enclosure package £1299

(inc. side shelf)


All Prices shown are RRP and include VAT      

Colour options are available.

chilli b plans_edited.png

Technical Specifications

chilli b tech_edited.png